Generic Install

Boot up the new server with the LTS Install medium, and reference the following to answer the prompt from the generic Ubuntu LTS Server installation steps. 
  1. Choose language
    1. Choose a language : select English
    2. Choose a country, territory or area : select United States
  2. Ubuntu installer main menu
    1. Detect keyboar layout ? : select <No>
    2. Origin of the keyboard : select USA
    3. Keyboard layout : select USA
  3. Configure the network
    1. Primary network interface : select eth0
    2. Hostname : enter the appropriate host name, e.g.
    3. Is the time zone correct : select <Yes> or make correction if necessary
  4. Partition disks
    1. Partitioning method: select "Guided - use entire disk and set up LVM"
    2. Select disk to partition : select what's appropiate
    3. Remove existing logical volume data : select <Yes>
    4. Write the changes to disks and configure LVM ? select <Yes>
    5. Amount of volume group to use for guide partitioning : enter the maximum available size and select <Continue>
    6. Write the changes to disks ? select <Yes>
  5. Set up users and passwords
    1. Full name for the new user : enter "netsapiens" and select <Continue>
    2. Username for your account : enter "netsapiens" and select <Continue>
    3. Choose a password for the new user : enter a <password> and select <Continue>
    4. Re-enter password to verify : : enter the same <password> and select <Continue>
    5. Encrypt your home directory ? select <No>
  6. Configured the package manager
    1. HTTP proxy information (blank for none) : leave blank and select <Continue>
  7. Select and install software
    1. How do you want to manage upgrades on this system ? select "No automatic updates"
  8. Software selection
    1. Choose software to install : select LAMP server, Mail server, OpenSSH server,  Tomcat Java Server and select <Continue>
  9. Configuring mysql-server-5.1
    1. New password for the MySQL "root" user : enter "sipbx"  and select <Continue>
    2. Repeat password for the MySQL "root" user : re enter "sipbx" and select <Continue>
  10. Postfix Configuration
    1. General type of mail configuration : select "Internet Site"
    2. System mail name : enter the same <hostname> entered in "Configure the network" and select <Continue>
  11. Configuring grub-pc
    1. Install the GRUB boot loader to the master boot record ? select <Yes>
  12. Finish the installation : Remove the CD-ROM or USB key and select <Continue>